Flat Out Fantastic

By now, fashionable types everywhere have semi-permanently affixed sneakers to their feet for the foreseeable future. I’m on board with this trend, but if we’re being completely honest I can’t sit here and tell you that they are appropriate for ALL occasions (that would be irresponsible of me and then where would the trust between us go?). For example, if you work in an office environment then there is a certain level of sartorial professionalism that needs to be upheld.

So, if you’d like to exercise all of the comfortable rights associated with sporty shoes but need to look like you came to do business, then it’s critical to invest in the right pair of flats. I’ve been personally scoping out these Jenni Kayne D’orsays for a while. Weekday to weekend, day to night, you can wear these with the same confidence usually instilled by high heels. The pointy toe adds a little more flavor flav than a ballet flat and the shape has a very slimming effect on the foot. I really love the use of denim here in a classy-non-Britney-and-Justin-at-the-VMAs-and-recently-resurrected-by-Katy-Perry-and-some-dude kind of way.

Maybe jeans converted into a shoe aren't your speed, but this style does come in a variety of other colors. I'll let you figure out for yourself which one will integrate best into your wardrobe.