The Long Goodbye

On Tuesday morning, I awoke to a collective American groan indicating that the Labor Day weekend had come to a close and with it all of our summertime hopes and dreams. BUT, BUT, BUT did you know that summer is not actually over yet? According to Ye Olde Farmer’s Almanac, Fall is not officially called to duty until September 22 at precisely 10:29PM. This may be just a technicality, but it’s reason enough for me to prolong bidding a final adieu up until 10:28pm on the aforementioned date.

This is great news for those of us who don’t want to do the wardrobe switch just yet. I’m aiming to get some more wear out of pieces in my closet made with fabrics that are too light for when the weather starts to cool down. I’d definitely like to break out this sheer dress at least one more time. On vacation with my family last month, I layered it over white, linen shorts and a bandeau instead of a clingy slip which would have induced some intense perspiration. (Oh wait, I’m sorry...ladies don’t sweat, they glisten.)

In addition to extending the use of your summer staples, I think you should further take advantage of this loophole to tie up any last-minute summer to-do’s. Go chase that ice cream truck, get into an impromptu water balloon fight, build a time capsule to go back to the beginning of summer and, if you want to get crazy, run through some sprinklers!

Dress: PinkyOtto (old). Shorts: Theory (old, but similar pair on sale here). Shoes: Zara (old, but similar pair here)