Myths and Facts

A few weeks ago, a huge international announcement was made that changed the world as we know it forever. Something that I believed to be an unshakeable truth was revealed as a widespread misperception. I never saw this coming, I don’t know if anyone did.

Hello Kitty is not, I repeat NOT, a cat. She is a little girl (albeit one without a mouth).

Understandably, these types of revelations can cause any rational person to begin questioning whether or not things they’ve “known” their entire lives are what they seem. For example, it’s been a widely held belief that wearing white after Labor Day was a major fashion faux pas. This story was told time and time again, and we all accepted that it was a steadfast rule that must not be broken lest a bunch of fairies lose their wings. There has been some effort to dispel this old wives’ tale, but there continues to be discomfort in the population at-large with embracing modernity. 

I felt inclined to do my part in helping to expose this myth for what it is after a discussion with my table mate at a wedding I attended last weekend. Said guest was questioning this very thing, which I saw as an opportunity to get on my soapbox, put on my debate hat (figuratively speaking) and make him a believer. I think it worked. Or else he was just being really polite to some rambling stranger. As I explained to him, the rule is arbitrary, at best, given the fact that Labor Day is only an American holiday. Do you think the rest of the world is running around saying, “Welp, it’s Labor Day in the USA…time to put away our whites.”

I’m here to encourage you, nay, demand that you put aside your reservations and don some white duds if that’s what you want to do! Mr. Wedding Guest, if you’re reading this…yes, this applies to men as well!

I’m not one to talk the talk without walking the walk, hence today’s Off Duty outfit choice. I ain’t scurred and you shouldn’t be either. White pants go on one leg at a time after Labor Day, just like they did before. This pair, in particular, happen to be wide-legged which is going to be a major look for Fall. I love the contrast of the volume on the bottom against a slinky black cami and a sleek ponytail. The black leather jacket toughens up the whole thing and says, “I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.” All of this black and white, and I think the choice of a bright red lip is a no-brainer.

If I haven’t made a compelling enough case yet, I’d be happy to pull together a powerpoint presentation at your request. But if I have, then please for the love of Hello Kitty, go forth and wear white!

Jacket: Topshop (old, but similar here). Camisole: J. Crew (old, but similar here). Pants: By Malene Birger (old, but similar here). Clutch: Zara (old, but cute option here). Sunnies: Forever 21. Watch: Gucci (Vintage). Rings: Various. Bracelets: Various.