Back In the Day

Mansur Gavriel: Main image on right in Royal. From top to bottom on left: Rosa. Blu. Brick.

The calendar reads August, which is a month that is part of the summer season. So it's kind of crazy that classes are already back in session in the area where I grew up. I had forgotten about how early southern schools start until we came down to visit my family this week. It got me you remember your back-to-school supply shopping ritual? When I was in kindergarten through 2nd grade, it was very important business to pick out a new cartoon-themed lunchbox with matching thermos. 3rd through 5th grade brought more grownup responsibilities that called for the most hallucination-inducing Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper I could find.

As a bona fide adult (or at least I think I am), I have been scouting out the perfect backpack sans patterns of multi-colored unicorns riding rainbows. I’ve had my eye on these incredibly sleek versions from Mansur Gavriel for some time now, which sell out faster than you can blink (which is really fast…unless you’re involved in a staring contest where the rules are to NOT blink). The leather on these babies is so luscious and the design is so simply chic. Perfect for carrying around my Hello Kitty pencil case.