Stay Gold

Camisole: J. Crew (old but similar here). Jeans: Citizens of Humanity. Shoes: Topshop.

If you are of a certain age then you have probably inhabited the earth long enough to see some of the building blocks of your childhood entertainment being recycled for modern day consumption. It’s a tricky thing to compete with pure nostalgia. Almost nothing compares to my memories of cheering on Daniel Larusso crane-kicking his way to karate victory, discovering a dorky Patrick Dempsey bribing his way into the heart of Cindy Mancini and dancing the night away watching the O.G. Lord of the Dance Kevin Bacon. 

My visceral reaction upon hearing about yet another millennial re-boot is to throw a dirty side-eye. I continue to hold out hope that some movies will remain in a perpetual state of reminiscence, chief among them being The Outsiders. When Ralph Macchio uttered “Stay gold, Ponyboy” it broke my adolescent heart. (Pretty awesome that I got to reference two of his movies in one post, doncha think?)

For today’s Off Duty outfit, the quote manifests itself in my accessories to help dress up this casual look. The jeans were obviously inspired by those ne’er-do-well greasers. In fact, I may have stolen this pair straight from the costume department. J/K, I was a Garanimal-wearing toddler when that movie was released.

Moving right along, you can see the full photoshoot below complete with a stopover at the beach on the way to dinner. Because nothing says practical like wearing heels on the sand.