From Comics to Cuffs

If you have older siblings, I’m sure you looked up to them like I did when I was little. I anxiously (annoyingly?) tagged along behind my two brothers and did whatever they did, liked whatever they liked. They watched sports, collected football cards, watched G.I. Joe and were always reading comic books. So I did all of that, too. I’d pick up their well-worn issues of Superman, Batman, Aquaman and sometimes I’d get lucky to come across a female character that I could relate to. I found my superhero soulmate in Wonder Woman who had ridiculously awesome accessories to complement her villain-fighting attire.

What Wonder Woman taught me as an impressionable youngster is that you don't have to give up your sense of style to battle bad guys. She sported a tiara that doubled as a boomerang, yielded a golden lasso that could make you tell the truth and killed it in some red, knee-high boots that were made for walkin’. But her indestructible cuff bracelets were by far my favorite. I think I finally found the real life incarnation of those bulletproof beauties. See the gorgeous textured version from Saint Laurent in the pictures above. I not-so-secretly believe that if I can acquire one, they will give me super powers in addition to being a great outfit accent. Of course, we all don’t have supersize budgets so there is always the more checking account sensitive option below. I’d be happy to unleash my inner Amazonian warrior princess with either of these on my wrist.