Tri'd and True

Top: Vince (old, but similar here). Pants: Etoile Isabel Marant (old, but similar here). Shoes: Loeffler Randall (old, but similar color here). Necklace: J.Crew (old but similar here).

Aaaaaand we’re back! I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend full of good family and friends, good eats and good weather. It was touch and go here in New York, starting out with a rainy Friday night. Then more precipitation on Saturday, forcing us indoors for my first bbq of the summer season. With two days left to go, I knew I had to take drastic measures to ensure that the rest of the weekend would allow for some outdoor fun. I performed a little anti-rain dance that I choreographed for just such an emergency. Think a cross between an Irish jig and the Macarena. Laugh if you will, but Sunday and Monday came in sun blazing.

I wanted to keep it low-key on Monday so as not to tucker myself out too much before starting another work week. I opted for a leisurely stroll around TriBeCa to some of my favorite local spots. To honor the Sun gods for being generous, I decided not to be shy with the color. This bright blue sleeveless top is good for rising temperatures and is even more fun when I can make it look like a mullet by tucking in the front and letting the back fly free. Paired with my favorite slouchy trousers, I like to think it says that I’m easy, breezy. As you may know from previous posts, I love to add a feminine touch to balance menswear-inspired pants by bringing in the big guns…the highest of high heels. These particular ones could stop traffic or at least slow it down, given the fact that they are screaming neon green. Take a gander at the photos below to see how I spent the holiday and then leave me a comment about what you got your beautiful self into.


Standing in a photo-op alley way. I think that guy behind me is checking out my blue tail.


Keep it moving, nothing to see here.


I am always detail-oriented.


Practicing my sweet balancing skills on the railing in front of one of my go-to boutiques, Otte


I ain't scared of no ghosts. Paying homage to the Ghostbusters firehouse


Hanging with my bovine besties at Bubby’s.


Relaxing with this cuddly Gimhongsok sculpture in TriBeCa park. 


Debating whether I could master a Citibike in 4-inch heels.


Upon closer inspection of the shoe situation...


Opting not to bike, instead I sit.