#TBT: Missing My Moto Boots

Leather jacket: Topshop (last seen here). Dress: Theory (old). Scarf: Zara (old). Boots: Dolce Vita (old).

I decided to dig back into some of my vacation photo archives for my first-ever Throwback Thursday post. What I found was photographic reminders of a gone, but not forgotten, staple of my past. Gather 'round and let me tell you a little story about the time that I managed to lose the perfect pair of moto boots. Not just once but twice. You would think that it’s easy to find this particular style of footwear given the fact that it’s consistently popular every year. However, I am very discerning (read: anal retentive) when it comes to investing in my wardrobe. So there were a lot of criteria that I was using as the basis for my purchasing decision.

First off all, we have to consider the height. It can’t rise too far up on my gams. 6 foot tall model I am not, so I try to avoid cutting off the line of my leg too much which unintentionally creates the proportions of a corgi. Next, I take into account the leather. Then, I have to see what accoutrements it comes with because I don’t like a lot of hardware on a pair of shoes that I intend to use for seasons and seasons to come. And lastly, how does it fit around the ankle? Too wide and you risk looking like your shoes don’t fit. Too tight and I have just one word for you…cankle.

Anyway, now you know how much thought went into the evaluation of dozens of options. I finally found a pair from Dolce Vita that, in addition to meeting all of my stringent specifications, was also priced well below what I was willing to shell out. See all of the photos of me cheesing it up for the camera? That’s me 3 years ago frolicking with them in Paris, happy as a clam. We made a great team.

Cut to a year later when I lost them in a bar. Wait, correction. I lost ONE of them in the bar when it fell out of my gym bag. Go ahead, judge me. I judge me, I know it’s a bonehead move. But clearly I couldn’t walk around like some peg-legged Pirate with only one boot. A quick search revealed that, GASP, they no longer made this exact style! I don’t give up that easily so I forged on to the far corners of the internet and managed to find the last ones (seemingly in all of existence) in my size. On clearance. What what! 

I’d like to say that this story ends happily but, as you saw from the prologue, it definitely does not. The second pair and I had a good run for about a year, before I wore them to the hotel I was staying at the night before my wedding. I placed them neatly underneath a table in the entranceway. In the hustle and bustle of the day after the blessed event, I forgot about them. My family called the hotel staff, and the concierge promised to hold them for me. But again, things were hectic (hectic, I tell you!), and I left for my honeymoon without getting back there to pick them up. When I called two weeks later, they didn’t have any record of them in Lost and Found. Vanished, without a trace. 

I still haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for those beloved boots. Maybe someday I will, but I’ll never forget my first (or second). Next time, I swear I’ll never let them go again.