Endless Summer

I don't know about you, but I blinked and all of a sudden Memorial Day is coming 'round the bend. Quite a nice surprise, as I've had my head down working furiously on blog content for all of you lovelies out there. I'm really looking forward to more daylight hours and being able to pack away the zillion layers of heavy clothing that make me look like I'm the size of the abominable snow man. 

Beyond the warmer weather that accompanies summertime, I love the ritual of turning my closet for the season (definition: "I live in New York and there's not enough space to house all of my clothes on hangers/in drawers"). It's like a free shopping spree because I forget about some of the things that have been hibernating in storage all winter like a North American black bear. I opened up my stash last weekend and took inventory of some hot-weather essentials. Lightweight cotton shirt in fun pattern with cute tie feature that makes me feel a lil' sassy, check. Jean cutoff shorts that we will pretend that I made myself, check. Bright colored sandals that let me show off a fresh pedi, check-ity, check, check!  I think the only accessory I'm missing in these photos is a fruity beverage with a mini umbrella. Cheers to an endless summer!