Print Addict

Top: Zara. Pants: Tibi (same style, different color here) Booties: Steven. Ring: Sweet Scandal (now on sale!). Bracelets: Madewell (old) and Giles and Brother.

I admit it. I have what you might call a strong affinity for patterns. Five or six years ago, I could not stock my closet fast enough with a multitude of motifs. That all changed when my good friend, the Style Therapist (see post on Simone), took one look at my closet and staged what I have dubbed a “Print-ervention”. She put me on a strict plan to invest in more versatile separates and insisted that until I accomplished that, any elaborate designs were off-limits. 

I’m proud to say that I made it through to the other side and have regained my print-buying privileges. And thankfully so, because I knew that I wanted to pair these white and black color block pants with something other than a solid hue. I searched high and low for a striking pattern and was rewarded for my efforts with this great top from Zara. I love that it looks like an abstract expressionist painting, makes me feel all artsy.

You can see more shots below of my day spent strolling on the river. (Does anyone get the play on words I did there? Tina Turner song? Hello? Is this mic on?)