Every Now and Then

Vogue Simplicity

I’ve really tried to keep a good sense of humor with Old Man Winter this year. But after several months of snowmageddons, snowpocalypses and polar vortexes, I am ready to admit defeat. Bring on Spring time! In preparation for the changing of the season, I took some time to do a little homework this weekend (i.e. dog-earing pages of the glossies to get inspired for a wardrobe refresher). 

As I was thumbing through the March issue of Vogue, I came across the Petal Pushers story representing nature’s blooms in varying silhouettes. But if we’re going to look forward, we should always pay homage to the past. Take a look at this Dolce & Gabbana creation from the Vogue piece next to this Simplicity pattern that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Flowers! Dramatic sleeves! And in 1972, it could all be yours for $1.00 plus the cost of fabric.

I had a major case of nostalgia when I came across this little package promising high fashion looks for anyone adept enough with a sewing machine. My mother and grandmother indulged my early interest in wanting to have clothing that was special and unique, so they let me pick out a pattern like this one with the fabric of my choice. Out of it they created a floral print jumpsuit born out of my dreams. Ok, it was really a tween-sized onesie and, no I’m not going to share the 4th grade school picture of me wearing it with a matching hot pink scrunchie. Let’s all just imagine me wrapped in the silk D & G number instead.