Les Mizrahi


I have been meaning to go to a talk at the 92Y for a while. Like a typical New Yorker, there are a ton of other quintessential cultural events that I want to attend...ah, but life gets in the way! In an effort to beat the brutal winter blues, I firmly committed to seeing Fern Mallis interview Isaac Mizrahi as part of the Fashion Icons series on Tuesday, February 4.


The crowd was as well-heeled as you would expect when considering the night's subject of affection. Upcoming designers, fashion students and general lovers of all things style showed up in an array of different furs (from fake to real and one distinguished lady in an amazing blue variation that I met in the ticket line). Everyone was there to soak in the famous Isaac Mizrahi personality and gain some nuggets of sartorial wisdom, and he did not disappoint. I was struck by a few things while observing the dialogue on stage:

  • He's REALLY funny. Wit is definitely in his wheelhouse. Anyone who would name their cabaret show Les Mizrahi is clearly gifted in word play.
  • He insists upon doing only what he feels. Isaac talked about all of the different designers he worked for early on his career, and the different paths he had taken (see: number 3 below). He was adamant that he had no regrets because he always followed his gut. I appreciate this as a general life lesson.
  • He is the ultimate career chameleon. Fashion and costume designer, comic book writer, actor, documentary maker and talk show host. I obviously need to increase my number of extracurricular activities.
  • We have a personal connection. Well, sort of. His favorite supermodel is Christy Turlington, and so is mine (gosh, she's so perfect looking). Also, one time I sat at the table next to him at the Odeon in Tribeca, which is really apropos of nothing I'm writing about here, I just thought it was a fun coincidence.

Overall impression: Great use of time on a Tuesday evening. I hope that the 92Y announces more talks in this series soon, I'll be there with bells (or fur) on.