Lady Links-a-Lot

The work week is a dragon that must be slayed, and you are no doubt fighting with honor on this fine Monday. In case you need to take a breather, I'm here to offer my assistance. I have hunted the far reaches of the internet kingdom to bring you some links worthy of your attention. Enjoy!

  1. 100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds: You may think the name says it all…but then they started to dance.
  2. Asians Swap Clothes With Elders: Trying to figure out why I wasn’t asked to participate in this project. My Lola and I would have KILLED this.
  3. Drunk J. Crew: Shots, shots, shots shots! I just hope that all of these models have a Designated Driver. 
  4. Teens React to 1980s Fashion: These kids are our future, please watch as they wax poetic on the clothes of my childhood.