Building Block

A couple of months ago, the lovely ladies over at Pas De Deux put the emerging brand Building Block on my radar. At the time, I didn’t have an immediate use for a new bag, but I made a mental note to revisit their wares when the time was right. As you can probably guess, a need arose as I have recently made a resolution to streamline my day-to-day work bag and to be more selective in packing up the essentials. What was the impetus for this efficiency makeover? I’m glad you asked!

I am currently in possession of a work bag whose sole purpose of its bag life is to lug around a laptop that weighs more than a small child. I’m going to be honest with you, I abuse the hell out of it and can’t blame all of the damage it has sustained on my computer. I overstuff it with anything I think I may possibly need for working remotely (chargers, notebooks, phones, underwater basket weaving materials). Then I proceed to further test the limits of its tensile strength by cramming in extraneous things in case I get stranded in a desert (books, magazines, clown kit). All of this being said, it should be of no surprise to anyone, except maybe Mary Poppins, that my poor valise is coming apart at the seams.

I’m sure you’re thinking that we could have been spared from all of this literary drama if I had just come to this conclusion months ago. Perhaps I get a cheap thrill from the possibility of this thing breaking mid-stride and all of the contents spilling out on the city streets only to be picked up and carried away by a flock of pigeons. Or maybe I want to be ready at all times for an alien invasion so I can barter any objects I’m carrying in exchange for alternative fuel technologies. These are all valid assumptions. But I have concluded that the real reason is because I view bags as an investment. I’m reluctant to put a good amount of cash into a piece that I will, with almost 100% certainty, ruin with my packing neuroses. Hence, the resolution that I mentioned in the setup to this post. 

And now we have come full circle, as the very foundation (pun intended!) of Building Block’s design philosophy centers around stripping away excess and establishing a new kind of luxury. Their bags are devoid of useless hardware and an overuse of logos. What they do have is a kicky little signature tassel for a little extra, added personality. The aptly named Business Bag is the specific model that I think is perfect to take me to a less cluttered work-commuting existence. Basic? No, I prefer remarkably minimalist.